Non-medicinal Interactive Metronome brain training for children facing behavioral and learning challenges

Help your child reach their fullest potential at school, in the home and through out their life with Interactive Metronome® training.
What is Interactive Metronome®? (to come)

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Typical Challenges that IM training improves 

  • Trouble staying on task
  • Forgeting assignments
  • Disorganized
  • Impulsive or constantly moving
  • Easily frustrated
  • Behind in coordination
  • Low social awareness
  • Over reacts emotionally
  • Reading difficulties
  • Poor handwriting
  • Low motivation
  • Little self starting, self initiation
  • Needs to be first or win
  • Poor expressive language
  • Normal aging memory loss and mental clarity
  • Tourette's or Asperger's

About IM Focused, LLC

IM Focused, LLC  is a locally owned small business offering educational and professional training for the brain. Our goal is to resolve learning and attention challenges by addressing the root causes rather than focusing on the symptoms of the challenge.  Interactive Metronome® is used to build critical skills in attention, self-regulation, working memory, flexible thinking, processing speed, social and motor skills. Our offer professional assessments, individualized protocols, and targeted coaching through out the training.  

We specialize in training students who are falling behind their peers in academics, social skills or physical coordination. We also train individuals and adults seeking excellence in sports, music, theater or scholarly aptitude or professional success. IM Focused has been a  provider of Interactive Metronome® since 2003.

Optimize your brain, Optimize your life