Boy with ADD and Tourette' - like symptoms. He completed 18 sessions in 2 months and found amazing results, both in quieting of the tics and in focus gains.



Older child adoption with past trauma, ADHD, ODD, PTSD, daily meltdowns. who completed 5 levels of IM training in  2 years time. He now blends in with typical students and is happy.



Looking for the athletic edge.  This is an ahlete with ADHD who began IM in the average range. He completed one level of IM in 2 months and saw great gains across the board. 



Brad and I speak at the National IM conference. Brad has GREAT insight into his own challenges as a child. Hear our own family story and why I am an IM provider today.



This 9 yr old completed 5 formats of IM in 2 1/2 years. As a first grader he spent many days in the principals office due to his lack of emotional regulation and aggression. He froze up for any challenge, unwilling to shift and try. Now he loves a good challenge, fits in with his peers and is much happier. 



Afghan vet discusses IM's impact on his mental processing. Pre IM he was experiencing some focus, sleep and anxiety issues upon returning to the states. He completed one level of IM in two months.  As a highly motivated/competitive individual, he enjoyed the challenge and made great gains in focus, sleep quality and memory. 



Eight year old girl with reading and academic challenges goes through IM and no longer needs school intervention. This is after one level of IM training.



Nine year old girl reaches elite timing range. This is the same child as in the previous video but on Level 2 tasks.  She moved her brain's timing from a conscious mental process to a subconcious process. This phase brings some very unique gains, such as extreme confidence, emotional regulation and and I can attitude.  


High school honor student doing IM for sports performance. She gained an edge in her sports performance as well as the unexpected  and welcomed  gain of balance in her life. 



Middle school honor student for coordination and organization. Sometimes gains are seen a few months post IM. She completed 2 levels of IM over a year or so.



Articulation and reading improved through IM training for 7 yr old girl. IM can impact speed, fluency and articulation of speech and language. 



Eight year old boy with attention and auditory processing issues does IM Home and iLs long distance. Mom used the IM Home version and completed 3 levels of IM over the summer. IM Home is a more challenging format and sometimes I don't see quite as solid of gains. This young man made some very nice gains. He worked well with his mom (one reason they found success.) 

In this video, Lori Schmidt demonstrates what it feels like when you disconnect your visual and your auditory processing by larger and larger amounts. Be sure to watch all the way to 500 ms disconnect and to pay attention to the visual feed as you go. This only demonstrates visual/auditory disconnect. In IM we address many other forms of disconnect too, IM synchronizes these 5 sensory systems motor, visual, auditory, vestibular and proprioceptive.