Who Can Benefit

Much like a healthy diet or regular exercise are helpful for the physical foundations of the body, IM training is helpful for the mental foundations of the brain. IM helps individuals climb out of their challenges and up the skills ladder towards typical or even exceptional behavior. Individuals with a variety of deficits benefit from the program including:

¢ Attention and concentration, focus 

¢ Reading and math 

¢ Sensory integration 

¢ Coordination, balance and gait 

¢ Language processing 

¢ Non verbal learning disabilities 

¢ Behavior,  aggression and impulsivity 

¢ Aspergers, PDD, or Autism Spectrum Disorders 

¢ OCD, LD, and Tourette's 

Another group of individuals who enjoy the benefits of IM training are the above average students wishing to move up the ladder to the top of their peers, or the aging individual wanting to help maintain their level of functioning: 

¢ High school students (Academics, scholarships, SAT/ACT testing)

¢ Sports performance (Accuracy, focus, endurance) 

¢ Musical excellence (Professional and amateur musicians) 

¢ Mature adults (Improved balance, memory, driving accuracy)