ASD, LD, Anxiety, Tourette's


"That was the best money we ever spent." - hesitant grandmother reported after IM was over. 

Student reported that before IM his brain wouldn't turn off, now it does. 

Brad's Story, the personal connection.

Brad Schmidt, son of Lori Schmidt, founder of IM Focused, was born in the 80's, when Asperger's and Autism was still quite rare. Brad's challenges included poor social development, expressive and written language delays, and cognitive inflexibility - the three major red flags for autism. He also had many sensory challenges resulting in extremes in emotional responses. He was extremely gifted academically, though that gift was hard to show the world as poor time management and organization plagued him. He went through IM training in 2003 and 'fixed' his brain. Brad was honored in 2012 at the IM conference to share his story. Here is that presentation. 


Attention and PTSD symptoms

IM synchronizes the processing of sensory information in the brain. A fundamental challenge for autistic individuals is a lack of synchronous activity in mental processing. Click here to learn supporting research results.